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Iron Mountain InSight® Enterprise Edition - Unlocking the potential of your information

Most organizations recognize the potential of their data but struggle to uncover its value because they have too much unstructured and unclassified information, lack the internal resources and skills to analyze it, or both.

By combining Iron Mountain’s content analytics, data management and information governance expertise with Google Cloud’s Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, you can mine your data to uncover new revenue stream opportunities and cost savings.

With Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition, you can:

  • Ingest and process physical and digital information, and incorporate metadata from internal and external sources
  • Reveal previously unseen relationships between disparate information assets
  • Increase the efficiency of your highly skilled resources through self-learning ML/AI based processing
  • Intelligently view and interpret information to initiate appropriate actions
  • Organize large volumes of data to let you know what you have, and access it when you need it
  • Deployed in single or multi-tenant configurations to suit your requirements

Need to innovate unique document and process solutions with Iron Mountain InSight? Check out our RESTful API documentation.

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